The School

Here at Brook we are passionate about the industry, all day long we see and speak to people looking to set up and we have for the past 20 years supplied equipment to thousands of new start businesses, in addition we now offer training courses covering a wide range of bread and cake areas.

Our new style of training and informative tutorials feature Artisan Bread and Commercial Cake production. The courses offer not just hands on practicals but also advice on recipe development, bakery planning, financial advice and so much more. Our tutors all currently run their own businesses and are well placed in the markets and their chosen fields of expertise to train you in your chosen area.

We also offer bespoke training and consultancy, we can tailor make a course to suit your needs, ensuring you get the very most value of your time spent with us.

Our Bakery School and Test Bakery facility is probably the best in terms of the range of equipment available for you to learn on, and develop your ideas with.  We have traditional deck ovens, wood fired Steam tube ovens and rack Ovens, 4 or 5 different size mixers, for you to develop your receipes on and in additon have dividers, moulders, provers etc etc for you to learn the whole process.

We think it’s a huge benefit to be able to learn in a commerical environment, and see and use the equipment required to scale up and automate the processes you learn with us.

We set ourselves apart from others by offering students the chance to learn how to increase production, improve their techniques and crucially gain the information and expertise required to start a bakery.